Lekkie Pacemaker Lock On Bike Grip – Soft

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Introducing the Pacemaker Lock-On Bike Grips – Firm

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Introducing the Pacemaker Lock-On Bike Grips – Soft

Maximum Grip, Maximum Control…Get a grip with these Soft tacky grips for your bike, e-bike, freestyle wheelbarrow…. whatever you ride, as long as it has a 22.2mm bar it’ll lock on and give you the control you need.

Molded in super soft 20D rubber with a rigid plastic core, these lock on bike grips can be run by themselves as grips, or the grips can be detached and run as part of the Pacemaker Twist throttle set up.

At Lekkie, we take pride in delivering only the most exceptional, robust, and stylish products. Accept nothing less.


Compatibility Fits 22.2mm OD bars

Material Plastic/Rubber Grip, Aluminium Lock On Ring

Finish Black on Black on Black

Weight 110g as pair.

Version1 Released 2024

Additional information

Weight .110 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 8 × 4 cm


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