Welcome to New Zealand's electric bike conversion kit specialists.

Your old bike is your ticket to freedom.

For over a decade Converted has been taking the bikes you love and upgrading them to electric. 

We save amazing bikes from deletion, transforming them into unique performance machines. 

We are grateful to have a business that creates fun, freedom and pride for so many adventurous New Zealanders!

Here's why converting is the way to go.

  • Save money and resources using the bike you have.
  • Choose the parts to suit your budget and performance needs.
  • Our local installers do all the work and are there when you need.
  • Move your system to a newer bike later.
  • Easily serviced and upgraded.
  • Create a unique bike.

Enjoy a whole new world with your converted bike.

Electric bikes are economical, efficient, fun and exciting to ride. No parking to pay and only 1 cent per km to charge.

Converting your bike to electric will open the doors to exploring our beautiful out doors. Go anywhere you want with out the anxiety of  your physical ability being an issue.

Converted gives you a hassle‑free ebike journey.

As New Zealand’s longest running and largest electric bike conversion kit specialist we keep your bike going the distance.

Here's a sample of bikes we have made electric.

Call us on 022 6922966 for a free bike assesment.

What our 'converts' say