Converted is New Zealands longest running conversion company.

The story begins in 2008 when industrial designer Daryl Neal decided there must be a cheaper, cleaner way than the car for moving his  sons up the steep hill to their home.

Unable to pedal his sons up the hill on his regular bike, he researched available components to electrically power a bike.

Importing clunky, heavy and complicated parts he built his first electric bike. An immediate success, the word got around about this magic bike. Soon he was building bikes for many people.

Many years later the journey continues, now with a team and dealers New Zealand wide, Converted continue to make hundreds of bikes a year into electric bikes and reluctant peddlers into super human adventurers.

Here is our story.


The story begins

The first bike Daryl built was a Yuba cargo bike, powered by an 11kg motor and 22kg’s of reclaimed lead acid batteries. It had potential.

The first lithium batteries arrived, 72v 30ah! Daryl had built a motorbike! However is what was needed to understand the systems. Daryl subsequently made 4 bikes out of the batteries from that one first bike!


The start of EVLAB

EVLAB, short for Electric Vehicle Laboratory was Daryl’s first electric bike business. Daryl imported a selection of motors, controllers and batteries,set up a website and started building custom ebikes in the evenings in his lounge (no workshop yet!).

Soon Daryl was taking ebike customer phone calls at his busy day job designing office furniture and had to make a decision. Daryl resigned and went full time making e-bikes.

2009 – 2012


Over the next 3 years Daryl built about 300 custom ebikes. During that journey (he calls his apprenticeship) he learned more about how poor, or simply never invented a lot of ebike components were. Daryl started designing adapters, battery cases and other parts for the international ebike builders community. Daryl started traveling to China to visit his suppliers to talk about improving the components he was buying.


The birth of Lekkie

Lekkie marked the beginning of a refined conversion business.

The focus of Lekkie was to make converting you bike to electric easy. Now with a refined system from Bafang we set about signing up installers around New Zealand.

Bring us your bike we will do the rest.


The Bling Ring goes global



Nationwide dealers established


Daryl started a conversion company EVLAB. During 5 years of building hundreds bikes he learned everything that was not cool about available components and set out to develop a plug and play system that any bike shop could install, that was reliable, light weight and good looking. Along this path he made personal relationships with the largest motor and battery suppliers in China and teamed up to develop better systems.

And so birthed Lekkie, a refined conversion company offering quality components with great service.

Lekkie also designed and manufactures the famous Bling Ring’s establishing the Lekkie brand globally.

From Lekkie to Converted.

With Lekkie’s overseas success it became necessary to separate our domestic and international businesses. Now Lekkie is only stunning accessories while Converted takes care of making your bike electric in New Zealand.

After 12 years and thousands of happy customers Converted Limited now offer a streamlined catalogue of conversion kit systems and premium accessories with nationwide installation.

Our product range is mature and reliable with performance and options to fulfill your needs (and even things you don’t need but are too much fun to turn down). Good design is at the core of the business and we strive to use our engineering knowledge and design pedigree to bring you an exciting product.

The core team

We are a fun team based in Wellington, New Zealand. We all ride bikes, some of us at a national level. We support the community and initiatives to increase cycling as a mode of transport. We have a passion for the environment and are working to being part of the solution to a better future.

Our goal is creating the most accessible and easy entry into owning an electric vehicle. Our reward is meeting super happy riders on there Converted bike and hearing of their adventures.

Our partners

Converted Limited partners with established bicycle shops around New Zealand to offer a no fuss, fully supported conversion experience. Buy online or in store and drop off your bike to be converted. We value our relationship with our installers that build beautiful converted bikes and keep our customers electrified and their cars sitting idle. You don’t need to order from overseas or send your bike away, simply head to town. Any service needs you have are dealt fast from your local bike shop.

Converted Owners

The conversion culture is growing, we love seeing the bikes that have been converted and customised and meeting the vibrant and refreshed owners.

First bike built

import of motors

evlab is born

80kph bike

intro of mid drive motors

manufacture of conversion parts

The cycle center upper hutt

the first bling ring

lekkie is born

dealers come on board

designing for smartmotiono bikes

starting UBCO motor bikes

bling ring a global hit

spliting in two