Lekkie Drive Cover HD V2

$110.00 NZD $110.00 NZD

Full CNC Lekkie Drive Cover and bearing for Bafang BBSHD motors.


Superior, slick, hardy.

Full CNC 6061 alloy drive side gear cover and bearing housing for the Bafang BBSHD motor.

Bling your bike with a lighter and sleeker cover that also allows you to run a Lekkie Bling Ring 40T.

The V2 features an added grease port so you no longer need to pull the cover off to keep your motor running super smooth.

This cover is required to run the Lekkie 40T Bling Ring, but is 100% compatible will all sizes of Bling Ring..

Includes a main drive gear bearing.

Designed in New Zealand in true Lekkie style to be the premium choice!


Make sure you check the User/install Guide before install Drive cover HD User Guide V2.2

Additional information

Weight .380 kg

Red, Black, Silver